Heart of Hereford

Some days you just don’t know what’s going to hit you. This Thursday began with tea, checking my emails and a quick browse of the BBC website. Shock horror – Hereford was on page one. As I was about to set off across the border to Hereford this was surprising to me. News was that there were 20 fire engines fighting a 4am blaze in the town centre. Undeterred I headed into Hereford by train. Emerging into the smoky town, I had to blag my way through a Police cordon to get to work. Where, in an upstairs room, I ran my writing class as we overlooked the mayhem in the cordoned off town square with the buildings still being hosed down. As the twitter sphere had it: first time ever Hereford was trending on Twitter! Late update: 14th century Booth Hall damaged  – but not as severely as rumoured.

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