This is not just about story inspiration. This is about inspiration for life.

I called in ‘on the off chance’ to see some friends the other day, as I was ‘just passing’.  Was invited to a lovely meal, stretched to accomodate me. And as I was leaving Audrey says to me, “Goodbye – remember at my age that good byes are important, as one never knows…” We all laugh and she adds, “Mind you I went to Sicily for my birthday, and to Croatia last year. Am off to the heel of Italy this year. So I have just renewed my passport… for eleven years.”

‘Wow”, I say, “That is inspirational! Can I write about that in my blog?”

‘What’s a blog?” asks Audrey.

So Audrey this is for you, a special present for your 91st birthday. And thank you!

Say hi to Frankie from me and have a lovely day!!

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One Response to Inspiration

  1. Audrey says:

    Thanks for this. If there were such a thing as ‘Show and Tell’ at WI no doubt I’d be the first with my hand up to share my news. And I’ll be thinking about you on my next jaunt.

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