Top 3 and Top 20

The current top tags on as the new day arrives:

News Music Life

I am into random – so the next 20

Politics Photography Travel Art Fashion FoodCalcio Events Poetry Entertainment Video Family Videos Movies Local Personal Sports RandomFilm Books Writing

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3 Responses to Top 3 and Top 20

  1. Gabriela says:

    Maybe my random 20 would be listed in a different order… especially because politics wouldn’t be the first one. We’ll having general elections on April 10th, and it’s politics all around. I’d like to say ENOUGH!

    • lauratrefor says:

      We had a referendum here in Wales yesterday – but it was the quietest politics you can image. Two half hours on TV in the previous two weeks and we still don’t know the result as counting hasn’t started yet!
      Random here can also mean ‘good’ (teenage speak) does that work in Peru too?

      • Gabriela says:

        I understood random as fortuitous.
        I’d wish we had elections like the one you mentioned. Here it’s all abuzz and I’m simply fed up with everything. Last year we had mayoral elections, and the official results took like a month and people started to talk about fraud due to the delay. And I must say that we’ve been seen surveys for the past THREE years. The question: “who would you vote if the elections were to be held tomorrow?” is being asked since 2008! But the elections are not to be held tomorrow.
        So, no, that doesn’t work in Peru, unfortunately.

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