An old nation came of age: Wales Yes Vote

Half a million people of Wales voted Yes in the quietest election or referendum I have ever taken part in.

The sign for free range eggs on the village green was bigger than the sign for the polling station. And it was in colour.

Despite this you voted. So  thank you to all of you who used the hard won democratic right to vote, whichever way you felt was right.

The First Minister acknowledged that many voted against and in a small nation one needs to be keenly aware of such views.

But today lets celebrate Coming of Age in 2011. 😉

Diolch yn Fawr

Cymru am byth

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2 Responses to An old nation came of age: Wales Yes Vote

  1. Gabriela says:

    As I already told you, in Peru we’ll be having elections on April 10th. The mayor of Lima had to issue an order to withdraw all those huge banners of the candidates to Parliament. So different from you tell us here.

    • lauratrefor says:

      We have elections for our Wales Assembly members in May 2011. As we have (unlike for UK Parliament) a form of proportional representation, the result is likely to be a mix with no one party in control. It took them about a week last time to sort out who was going to join with who. But at least we all knew who the members were within hours. 😉

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