Ashbourne Shrovetide Football

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In my recent ‘top random tags’ Calcio appeared. This is a Lent game of Football played in Italy. You can live stream it if you want! But rather closer and in the Uk is Ashbourne Shrovetide Football. Tues and Wed this week.

The Upards v. the Downards a brilliant day out!

To find out more check out: or

or even

and to hear what the one and only Terry Pratchett thinks of it see:

Enjoy your week 😉

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One Response to Ashbourne Shrovetide Football

  1. Gabriela says:

    Football is a sad subject in Peru: people, especially men, love their football. The suffer their football would be more appropriate. But Peruvian national team isn’t good at all. Actually, we ended up as the last ones on the past qualification games for World Cup 2010. It’s been 29 years since we’ve been on a World Cup! The last one was in 1982, in Spain.
    But every four years, public opinion states that “this time we will qualify”.

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