Ashbourne Shrovetide 2011 Wednesday

Congratulations to Simon and Simon!!

And of course to  to Adrian and Richard from Tuesday. “A classic year”

For those who missed it. It was ‘2 all’ over the two days.

Many many thanks to everyone who I met at Wednesday shrovetide. Especially the warm  Wirksworth Massive welcome. Thanks guys. And the ladies of course.

Did you enjoy your Shrovetide sausage from the Green Man? From Nepal !!

Apologies to the Stewards – you know why.

Only just crawled back to my pad – it was a great day.

And a great night in Smiths Tavern, we didn’t drink ALL those pints honest…

Photos will be up shortly, first I need some coffee…

A special thanks to Sweets and Treats. I am still enjoying the aniseed balls…

For an account of the action see:

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3 Responses to Ashbourne Shrovetide 2011 Wednesday

  1. lauratrefor says:

    Photos will be up when I have a minute to sort and upload them. So do call back over the weekend…
    PS If you remember your ‘caption’ or ‘strapline’ please remind me here… it was a long day…

  2. Gabriela says:

    It seems you all had a great time.

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