Di Angen aka unnecessary

I spotted this morning that Huw* Stephens’  Welsh word of the day is Di angen.

I am a slow Welsh learner – which can be seen as a good thing, I think. Like slow cooking, slow towns and fellow blogger the ‘slow globe trotter’. Some things just need time to be tried and tested and savoured. Like the view from the top of a mountain. Or this beautiful window.

‘A word a month’ might stick in my head, as I need to use it or lose it. But I reckon I will be able find lots of opportunities to say that’s ‘Di Angen’ in the next month.

So DON’T DO something ‘di angen’ today – like dusting the top of the skirting board. Instead do something fun.

And/Or DO  something ‘di angen’ like examining something you see everyday and contemplating the craftsmanship that went into it. You never know what might happen. And do let me know if you get  any story  inspiration.

* Huw is a Welsh Radio DJ andco-founder of the Cardiff music festival Sŵn. He began Welsh words a day on his Twitter feed. Di angen is pronounced ‘Dee-ang-en’. Diolch yn fawr Huw. 😉

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One Response to Di Angen aka unnecessary

  1. Gabriela says:

    I’ll let you know if I get any story inspiration.
    PS: I like that slow globetrotter too.

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