Stalking John Barrowman: Opening night at Chapter Cardiff

Chiffi, Garner and Steed’s new musical!

Well done guys!

I went expecting to be entertained… and was blown away by the fun filled, energetic, hilarious show. There were some splendid performances. I loved the three divas! And who cant relate to the subtext of unrequited love. We’ve all been there!

But the songs deserve a special mention: something for everyone. Lively catchy numbers and a few heart wrenching moments too. And some challenging lyrics for the cast.

To get this from pen and piano onto stage is an achievement in itself. But this was not some dreary musical (apologies to musical fans). This was a cleverly crafted piece of art!

When’s the soundtrack available? I wanna sing those songs again…

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Snapshot: A writer’s life for me

Windows open to the smells of the countryside. Sun shining. Stornoway Hebridean lilt playing over me.

Beowulf and Anglo Saxon Chronicles in my head.

Mapping the Mind, Brilliant excel and

Alex’s adventures in Numberland at hand.

Owain’s Resistance on my mind.

Fingers poised.

Two whole days of writingness.

Pen with paper now covered in scrawls. as I eat tea and toast with the obligatory marmalade and Bovril.

As I move from night to work. Opening curtains and getting ready for the day, I see drawings of actors and musicians, Jack, Marlon, Johnny with Dylan and Mason.  Each the product of other’s imagination and craft.

Now it’s my turn. The time has arrived. There is no escape.

Dust the crumbs off the keyboard. Press replay on the remote.

Tis time to play…

Photo: Hay Festival May 2011

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Bob Dylan at 70 – time and tide

Penblwydd hapus iawn iawn Dylan;

‘Some are mathematicians,  Some are carpenter’s wives,  I don’t know where they’ve been,  Or what they’ve done with their lives.’  Tangled up in blue.

These Dylan lines and Three Cliffs Bay, Gower inspired the 10 min short film, I wrote last weekend.

My old mathematician friends,  the Mull Historical Society and an Atrium theatre piece inspired this monologue poem celebrating time and our inspirations. Diolch yn fawr.

Time and Tide: an adaptation

The Zimmerman’s begat Robert.

Robert grabbed the words.

Guthrie’s words. Blake’s words. The people’s words.

He turned words to swords.

The times they are a changing.

Time is not on our side.

Tangled the words

To scream and screech across the world.

Time moved on

People sang

People rioted

People scrawled words on walls

People shouted,

People chanted.

People raved and

People ranted.

Celtic Chorus

We will laugh

We will laugh to the end of time.

To the end of tides.

Time and tides wait for no one.

Gran and Granddad begat the parent.

The parent begat Colin

Colin read Angus

Angus begat the poem.

Colin took the line.

He adapted the line

He churned it out into

The Mull Historical Society.

Celtic Chorus

We will laugh

We will laugh to the end of time.

To the end of tide.

Time and tide wait for no one.

The Book begat the Gathering

The Gathering begat more words

And so the journey

Over the undulating plane

Of the first universe continued.

The scientists played with strings

More universes were formed,

Moved shifted and collided.

One world, three cliffs, five platonic solids.

Some things change

Some themes stay the same

The journey continues

Time and the sands of tide

Drip and splutter through the vacuum.

The seas rise and envelop the earth.

They have before and they will again.

Celtic Chorus

We will laugh

We will laugh to the end of time.

To the end of tides.

Time and tides wait

Time and tides




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sun shining, lawn mowing,

deckchair lunging, apple peeling,

ahh, bliss.

cat sleeping, birds singing,

horses passing, phone not ringing.

ahh, bliss

book reading, toes wriggling,

sun setting, birds still singing.

ahh bliss.

Enjoy your Easter break, what ever you choose to do…

or not do. 😉

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ten minute poems 5: Spinny Shinny Thing

I wanted a spinny shinny thing

But I really had to save.

I love the colour, the escape away

The dominance it gave!

The Thoughtful Things my brothers did

So they could have a turn

But instead of ‘Yes’, I said

‘No!’ and gave them Chinese burns.


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ten minute poem 4: Frogs

In a bath, 3 dead frogs floating.

Frozen and fat and really bloated.

Swollen and smelly, what a treat

To put in my sister’s bed, near her feet. 


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ten minute poem 3: Dice

The feelings I have around dice

Are happy, nostalgic and nice.

For snakes and ladders

And board games, I need

A dice to join in, or it would impede.


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